Etiquette & Charm

Introduction to Etiquette & Charm / The Charm of Being a Woman

Emily Post. Everything I know about Etiquette and Charm I have learned from my old 1945 edition of ‘Etiquette’ By Emily Post.

Womanly Traits Etiquette Will Bring

  • Manners
  • Social Graces
  • Hospitality
  • Feminine Warmth and Charm
  • Consideration for Others
  • Elegance
  • Confidence
  • Kindness

A woman who displays kindness and warmth and good manners reflects her commitment to the “Golden Rule” to treating others as she would like to be treated. Women who care about manners display and practice these characteristics and values:

  • Tactful: Mannerly people who value honesty and realize they needn’t be terribly outspoken when talking with others. Women with tact watch what they say not to offend or hurt people with their thoughtless words. They think before they speak.
  • Respectful: A well-mannered woman has respect for others and listens to the opinions of others and does not get into arguments.When there are opinions that may cause friction, she respects the differing points of view.
  • Self-Confidence: A well-mannered woman is self-assured, and can communicate with others, even during demanding difficult times. Confidence enables a woman to have grace even while under pressure.
  • Flexible: Women who value manners understand that sometimes they will have to alter and modify their manners and behavior ( within reason) to make others around her more comfortable.
  • Commonsense: A woman who believes in good manners knows how to have relationships with all kinds of people and have good friendships, making them feel comfortable without compromising her own values. She knows how to make proper etiquette a natural part of her daily life.

These traits will help you have love, affection, and understanding for all people you know, and confidence in your ability to function very well in all kinds of social situations and settings.

Here’s a quiz found in a little book called `Good Manners in Minutes` By Emilie Barnes.

How well do you know the basics?

True or False Quiz

1.  It’s okay to talk on your cell phone when in a restaurant. True or False

2. You should check with the host before you bring children to a social event. True or False

3. When dining out, its okay to blow your nose or lightly touch up makeup at table. True or False

4. When setting the table the salad fork is placed to the left of the dinner fork. True or False

5. At dinner, if the person next to you is busy, you can reach around his or her plate to get the basket of bread if you can do so without knocking anything over and say “Excuse me.” True or False

6. In today’s busy world, you don’t have to send a thank-you card when you receive a gift. True or False

7. At dinner you should butter your entire piece of bread at one time. It saves energy and is more convenient. True or False

8. When setting the table, the dinner knife goes to the right of the plate, sharp edge facing out. True or False

9. It’s acceptable to send a thank-you note via e-mail or text message. True or False

10. When leaving the table during a meal, place your napkin on your chair. True or False

11. Your cellphone should be set on vibrate when you’re at church or a social function so you wont disturb the speakers or the people around you.

12. Casual (but not sloppy) attire is acceptable for weddings, funerals, and Sunday church. True or False

13. A gentleman should not offer to shake hands with a lady unless she extends her hand first. True or False

answers. 1. false 2. true 3. false 4. true 5. false 6. false 7. false 8. false 9. false 10. false 11.true 12. false 13. true

How did you do?

Once I began turning the pages of that big book of Etiquette I noticed the great lack of it in my daily life. So in search of etiquette I went and found an old 1945 edition of Emily Post’s book of Etiquette. Opening it I saw the aged old pages of this vintage book. On the front page was an inscription of someone it had belonged to in 1947. As I began reading and realized how little I knew about manners. This book has so much knowledge and information, maybe not all applicable to this day in age but whats the harm of learning these wonderful ways of the past? Maybe a man wont stand up when I walk into a room or leave a table, but I can dream cant I? I soon found that I had desperate need to practice Etiquette and Charm. You look around and you can see that people need a kind word, or a warm smile, someone to open the door for them, or something as simple as someone saying “please” and “thank-you” or a friendly “Hello”. If we care enough for the people around us, we will begin to practice these principles. Courtesy tends to be contagious; in fact, a seemingly small act of consideration can have a tremendous impact on the people around us. A little kindness goes a long way. We must practice it each and every day, courtesy matters when used in everyday behavior. Courteous people enrich their own spirits by making other people feel good. The special feeling that comes from being kind will make you want to live that way, always. You’ll feel the confidence in knowing what to do in unknown or difficult situations, which will bring great self-confidence, you will see that you made a difference in someones day, or maybe enriched someones life, which is a very rewarding feeling. The characteristics of being kind and considerate will also add to your feminine charm. Making your heart tender and making  you begin to think of others, a quality of womanliness well worth learning.

So many wonderful things to learn, and how wonderful that we have all this information of times past accessible to us. Read along with me as I master the Art of Etiquette and Charm which I think is a wonderful womanly skill.

Some things may seem completely silly and old-fashioned with no use in our world today, others may be perfectly applied to your everyday life, and some may just be something you want to keep in your back pocket, just in case.


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