The Charm of Being a Woman – Pursuit of Femininity – A blog dedicated to inspiring Women to be Women.

Learning vintage knowledge and skills from yesteryear. Things our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and women from past eras knew.

What if we considered the benefits of embracing femininity. Would it do us any benefit? Would it add beauty to the world and/or to oneself? What would the world look like if we raised the standards we had for ourselves as women?

I often feel as if we have disregarded some truly lovely concepts and traits from past years. The years my great-grandmother grew up in. A time when aspiring to have a career as a wife and a mother was common among young women, and was a noble aspiration. Since I was a young girl I have always truly admired women who lived up to these standards of being a woman, and who acquired such truly womanly traits and skills.The traits that promote character and self-sufficiency, that instill confidence and dignity into women. So many of the little skills which I saw my  mother and grandmothers exhibit with ease. When homemaking was considered a profession unto itself, and a noble one at that. I think it is now necessary that we look back and acquire this critical knowledge that is waiting to be dusted off and reopened.

A woman must consider the impact she can make on the lives of men, women, and children. Men and women have forgotten their responsibility to each other. Maybe if we pursued the life of femininity men would be inclined to grow as men, be pushed and encouraged to rise and be the noble character they were created to be. When a man meets a woman who is living out her role as such, it captivates him, and gives his life more meaning. These things women may scoff at and ignore. But we must put into consideration the God-given design women were created to acquire.

In aspiration of learning these skills and strengths I have searched and tried to find information from the past that would give me a perfect outline of what it was to be a woman such as this and what she looks like. My wish is to encourage women to embrace their femininity. To aspire to be well-rounded women of character. To learn the practical, elegant, knowledgeable, sweet and beautiful strengths and skills of great women from all times.

Consider the people around us, think of the lovely life changing impact we can make on lives when we live up to this standard. To strive to be better role models, neighbors, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, mothers,and grandmothers.

What a wonderful role and destiny for women to strive for.


Hayley Raye
Vintage woman living in a modern world. In aspiration of mastering the arts, skills, hair and fashion of a vintage woman. Preparing for my future husband.