A blog hoping to inspire women to be women.

Embracing femininity and learning the womanly ways of yore.

From my favorite books, learning and growing the Knowledge & Skills our Grandmothers and women from the past knew. Let’s revisit the discipline’s these books and lessons taught dating from the 1900s to the 1940s, when homemaking was considered a profession unto itself, and a noble one at that.

My wish and desire is to encourage women to embrace their uniqueness and femininity. To learn all things womanly. To learn what it is to be a feminine, well-rounded woman of character. To learn the practical, elegant, knowledgeable, sweet and beautiful, strengths and skills of great women from all times. To think of the people around us, to think of the positive life changing impact we can make on others lives when we live up to this standard. To be better role models, neighbors, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, mothers,and grandmothers. What a wonderful role and destiny for women to strive for

.In the pursuit of learning these traits I hope you will learn along with me and see the strength in being a feminine woman and maybe be inspired to bring back the ways of being womanly and charming.